The formular for staying together

Next time you have an argument with your partner and you cannot reach an easy conclusion, agree to disagree and move on. Apparently you’ll have a better chance of staying together in the long term. According to Sydney University mathematician Dr Clio Cresswell, couples who compromise the least usually stay together the longest. She says that a conversation between a couple will always be bursting with patterns, just like in mathematics. "Studying newlyweds’ conversations revealed a similarity in the equations of the couples that were still together six years down the track." Mathematics is showing that those who stand their ground in those early disputes will have a better outcome.
下一次当你和你的另一半发生争执而不能达成一致的话,请保留各自的意见并继续向前发展。很显然,从长远看来,这种做法会更容易让彼此生活在一起。悉尼大学的数学家Clio Cresswell博士指出,那些相互之间妥协最少的夫妇能够保持生活在一起的时间最长。她说,夫妻之间的谈话总是以某些模式破裂,就象在数学中一样。“研究新婚夫妇的谈话显示了一个他们六年后仍能生活在一起的种种因素的共性。”数学显示,那些在早期争执中保持各自立场的夫妇会更容易生活在一起。
Adapted from Reader’s Digest. 

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