Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is located to the north of downtown Los Angels. It takes about half an hour from Artesia to drive there without traffic jam. It’s maybe the only place of interest nearby so we went there last Saturday.




We arrived there before 10am, and it was still very early because most of the shops were still closed, but it was a good time for the tour since the sunshine was still mild (by the way, California Sunshine is not as beautiful as described in the song, and it is too strong during the day and I have got too much tan already) and we had a full day to catch as many shows as possible and no need to waste time in the long queues.




The park consists of two lots, the upper lot and the lower lot, which are connected by immense series of elevators. There are a lot of shows during the day (http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/) and we got through each one of them 😉 As a whole, it is worth the time. Like most of the parks, the activities, such as Jurassic Park River Adventure and ride revenge of the Mummy, are similar everywhere from Disneyland in Orlando to Ocean Park in Hong Kong, and even to the Dream World in Bangkok. In spite of the seeming triteness, the activities are still absolutely fascinating and stimulating. Maybe that is why the second trip is worthwhile. However, as a theme park, it has something special: it explains the techniques and tricks behind movie making (like special effect stages); it also offers a long studio tour to explain which house was for which movie, and which location was imitating which part of the world, etc. (to be honest, this part is a little boring).




When we finished all the shows, it was about 5pm already. Oh, by the way, there is no restaurants inside the park, and only several fast food shops. In the noon, we were pretty hungry, and without any other choice, we could only use chicken to fill up stomach, and that was the first time I ate junk food here. 




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