The Brave One

Last weekend, we watched one of the latest movies “The brave one” starring Jodie Foster. This is a revenge movie filmed in New York City, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn, directed by Neil Jordan and co-stars Terrence Howard. I heard that it was the no. one in box office.


周末看了一部最新电影“勇敢者”,Jodie Foster主演。这是一部复仇电影,在纽约拍摄。Neil Jordan 导演,Terrence Howard联合主演。听说该电影在上周末位居票房第一。


The story is like this: Foster, acting as an ordinary radio personality, found her life is in tatters after a murder in central park and feared going out of her apartment. Slowly, driven to the madness by the fear, and to revenge for the deep emotional wound, she bought a gun and became a serial killer of “bad person.” She wandered on the street and just wanted to kill anyone that does her wrong. Terrence Howard acts as a detective intending to catch that person. What Foster did and the relationship between Howard and Foster blurs the line between good and evil. What makes this movie difference is that it is a female that leads the vigilante film, and Jodie Foster distinguishes this character.


故事情节大概如此:Foster演一个电台DJ, 在中央公园的一起谋杀案之后发现她的生活支离破碎,她本人也害怕走出自己的公寓。慢慢的,被恐惧所迫,也是为了报复自己内心的创伤,她买了一支枪,并且成了一连串“坏人”谋杀案的作案者。她徘徊在街头,只是想杀害那些坏人。Terrence演一个企图破案的侦探。Foster所作的一切以及她和Terrence之间的关系似乎模糊了善与恶的界限。该电影与众不同的是一位女性主导了这部警片,而Jodie Foster演活了这个角色。


Jodie Foster is really brilliant in this movie and she amazes the acting. I like her unique temperament. She has the charisma that underscores the work. From her acting, we can see the character’s true inner fear and struggle in the heart. Being a movie illiterate, I am not familiar with most of the actors and actresses. Even though I like watching movies, I still cannot remember most of their names. After watching this movie, I searched a lot of information about Jodie Foster on the internet. She begun her career at the age of two, and at the age of 14, she hosted Saturday Night Live, which made her the youngest person to host at that time until Drew Barrymore hosted at the age of seven. She is among the few actresses who made successful transition from child actors to adult stardoms. She graduated from Yale University, and won two-time Oscar Award, one in The Accused in 1988 as the best actress, and the other in the Silence of Lambs in 1991, in which she once again won the best actress and received international acclaim. She meticulously shapes her development by carefully selecting projects and expertly tailors her public image – which took a hit by a proxy, when she was inexplicably linked to would-be-assassin John Hinkley, Jr. after he attempted to kill President Ronald Reagan in 1981. John Hinkley, Jr. claimed that his motive was to impress her.


Jodie Foster 在这部影片中演得棒极了。很喜欢她的独特气质。她的独特的魅力使这部影片更加突出。从她的演技中,我们可以感受到角色内心的真正恐惧和挣扎。作为一个电影盲,我对大多数演员们都不熟悉。即使喜欢看电影,也记不住他们的名字。所以,看完这部影片之后,我在网上查了好多关于Jodie Foster的资料。她在两岁的时候就开始拍电影,14岁的时候主演了Saturday Night Live,成为当时最年轻的主角,纪录保持到直到Drew Barrymore在七岁的年龄主演。她是为数不多的从童星成功转型的演员。她从耶鲁大学毕业后凭借1988年的“The Accused 1991年的《沉默的羔羊》两度获得奥斯卡最佳女演员称号。她很注意选片和维持自己的公众形象。但是她的公众形象曾经因为1981John Hinkley, Jr. 企图刺杀里根总统事件而受损。听说John Hinkley, Jr.刺杀总统的意图是为了引起 Jodie Foster 的注意。


Born in 1962, Jodie Foster appears a little old in this movie. But that never harm her charisma. She belongs to that kind of women: the older they become, the prettier they are. Anyway, this movie is highly recommended.


 Jodie Foster 1962年出生,在电影里稍显老了些。但是那并没有损害她的魅力。她属于越老越有魅力的那类女人。不管怎么说,该部电影值得推荐。



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