Big houses

Judy wanted me to show her some pictures of USA’s big houses. So I wandered around the neighborhood and took the below pictures. There are no tall buildings at all, and most of the houses are stand-alone with one level only and but some of them have two floors.  Later on, when I became a little familiar with the vicinity, I got to know that the nearest tall buildings are clustered at the downtown LA, and I guess they were built in the industrial era. Many friends joked that the moon in USA looks like a little bigger than that in China. It is funny. And it is not gross flattery. The conclusion is: buildings here are very low and there are no mountains to block the view, so the moon could be seen as soon as it is above horizon. While in china, there are a lot of tall buildings, and the moon could only be spotted when it rises very high. Confucius and his pupils discussed the reason more than 2000 years ago.




Frankly speaking, when I first came here, I thought the houses are very similar to the ones at villages in China. Most of the buildings are stand-alone for single family. Of course, the house designs are diverse. In Singapore, there are also a lot of such houses with various designs, and even better, but one of the big differences is that there are one or more garages here for almost every house for car parking, but in Singapore, the land is scarce, and most of the cars are parked inside yards. That is why many great American companies were first launched out in garage.




 The houses are beautiful, and the price is also very handsome. Although recently the house price is going downside, it is still beyond purchase power, especially in California which is notorious for its sky-high house price.  


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