What to do when you hate your job — This is the title of an article from ( ). What a most interesting and universally concerned topic! The author mentioned in the article that only 50% of people are satisfied with their job today compared to 79% in 1985 and the situation would be getting worse and worse in this global, technology-driven economy. The author gave some practical measures to deal with different common scenarios.


“当你讨厌自己的工作的时候怎么做”— yahoo.com的一篇文章(的题目。这是一个很有趣而且全世界的人们都很关心的题目。作者说,相对于1985年的79%,现在只有50%的人对自己的工作满意,而且在这个全球化的,技术主导的经济时代,情况会越来越糟。针对不同的情况,作者给出了不同的减缓方法。


I pondered over this subject for quite a while. What to do when we hate our jobs? To be honest, it is really stressful on the Monday morning to wake up in the ringing of alarm clock thinking of how to spend the long day and the long week ahead at work. But first of all, why do we feel that we hate jobs? The author gave some scenarios in this article, and I would like to analyze it from my own points of view base on my little working experience.




Firstly, we do not like job because after some time, our previously exciting job has become routine, boring, and no new blood at all. We would suspect that our job is not technique oriented, and even high school student could handle it. We slowly lack of passion in it, and squander most of the time by day dreaming. In this case, we just “do not like” the job, and not become “hate” the job. If we are a little less aggressive and a little less self magnified, we could still endure the job for sake of the monthly payroll. However, if we could put some initiative in the daily job and take some “extra” responsibilities besides the normal job scope, things would be better. In the process, we could not only find more fun from the job but also improve our own skills in creativity, management, and even networking. Still, if the work is a little light-burdened for sometime, we could take some part-time courses to expand our horizon in the profession.




In the past, when I found jobs became boring, I sought interesting things to do after work. For example, at first I tried some direct selling, then organized 2040 club, and then set up some small online business. I devoted all my part time to these chores and I thought I enjoyed them a lot and they are good for my character training. But little by little, I realized that I should have some focus and these chores may distract me from my main goal. So my own profession should be the main focus and it is worthwhile to take initiative and strengthen knowledge to enjoy the job. It is not recommendable to do some part-time jobs or entrepreneurial activities if our main goal is still focused on our own profession.




Secondly, we do not like job because of complicated interpersonal relationship. This is true sometime, especially for those who just came out of ivory tower at university and were not used to handling interpersonal relationships. Do not worry about it. To overcome this takes time. But sooner or later we will become at ease of handling such subtle relationships. The best shortcut is to find a mentor who is willing to teach you and direct you. But that depends on luck. Not everyone is so lucky to be directed by a mentor. So the second best shortcut is to observe and imitate someone at work whom we admire most.




Finally, to my own opinion, we do not like our job partly because we separate job from our own life clearly. We regard job as something evil that disturb our normal life, and in order to enjoy life we have to suffer from working to acquire enough salary to afford living expenses. It is painful with such kind of idea. Actually, as long as we change our mindset a little and treat working as a natural part of our ordinary life, and as long as the boundary between life and work becomes a little obscure, things would be much better. We could make friends with colleagues who are not just our work partners, and we could also make work as an interesting topic and exchange ideas with friends.




Anyway, no matter what reason caused you to dislike your job, never quit the job easily. I changed several jobs in the past few years. Although I accumulated and expanded a lot more working experience through the job hopping, it is absolutely not sensible to change job frequently, especially for those who are determined to climb along the management ladder. So stick to the professional job we like, seek fun from it, treat it as the natural part of our life, and learn from our colleagues and management, and then we will surely enjoy it.




3 thoughts on “JOB

  1. 上海这边统计出来是一半以上的人想跳槽.这或许也是时代进步的表现吧,大家的选择多了,不象父母那个年代,分配给啥工作啥单位就要一直干下去,么啥花头想法.如何喜欢自己的工作?把工作看作生活的一部分那也挺不幸的,我想还是要安排多彩的生活吧,培养可以调剂心情和健康的小情调.

  2. 最后那个观点很有新意,没见过。susan的观点总是让人觉得很舒服。不过有没有人提过怎么享受学术界的工作啊?苦恼中。。。

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