Black Friday Shopping

At first, we did not plan for shopping this Thanksgiving
holiday.  On Friday morning, Eric woke up
very early, at around 6:15.  Since we
cannot sleep any more, how about go shopping? 
We were all getting a little excited at the idea and dressed up
quickly.  To be honest, looking at all those
black Friday shopping ads, I was really curious about what a grand occasion at
the shopping malls.

We went to a small shopping center nearby.  Our first stop was Target. 
There were not many discounted items inside, and most of the really good
deals were gone to those early shopping birds.  
We bought a slow stew pot though. 
The conversation between Richard and I was like this:

“This slow stew pot is cheap.”

“Yeah, it is almost 50% off. 
Let’s buy it.”

“But, do you know how to use it?”

“Actually we have a small stew pot at home.  We do not use it very often. ”

“This one is better.”

“And it is cheap. We won’t get such a good deal at any other
time of the year.”

“How about we buy it now just in case we will use it often
in the future?”


What an impulsive purchase! 

The pot is left in our kitchen unpacked at the time of

We then hurried to the old
navy store
.  The store was crowed, and
the items were all about 50% off.  Wow!  We grabbed more than about 15 items, jacket,
pants, and tees all together.  Were we
crazy? But it really makes me feel good to buy cheap-and-quality clothes J  The check-out line was very long, from the
front door all the way to the back wall. 
I heard that in the early morning, the line was even longer, almost
double the current length.  Sure enough,
we waited about one hour to check out.

Our next stop is toys are us.  Again, it’s crowed, full of excited
parents.  We bought three toys for Eric
and his cousin. There was an interesting episode in the store.  Eric acted as a model for a lady there. The
lady wanted to buy hats for her nephew, and she asked if Eric could be her
model.  Eric tried several hats, smiling
a lot.  Eric is very polite outside.

Then we went to costco, bought a TV stand, which was what we
really want to buy on that day, and all others were out of our budget 😉

What a hilarious day!



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