Social media influencing holiday purchases

According to a comScore
, 21% online shoppers were influenced by info on facebook or twitter
in making holiday purchases.   

Consumer-generated products reviews were the most cited
social media purchase influence in the Nov-Dec shopping season period with 13%
of the poll respondents citing this category. 
Another 11% said they were influenced by expert product review; followed
by facebook fan page, 7%; a facebook’s friend’s recommendation, 6%; company
recommendations on twitter, 5%; and “tweets” from a friend, 3%.

This is very true, digital word-of-mouth is playing a more
and more important role in our shopping decision.  I personally believe in consumer-generated
product review.  Last year we tried to search
for a good mortgage loan on the internet.  But when we finally found a brokerage company who
offered a very good mortgage rate, several points lower than peers, we were
hesitate to apply.  No friends knowing
this company, the reliability of an online company was not to be trusted.  But after researching and analyzing several positive
online consumer reviews on this company, we got a little relieved and decided
to lay a bet on it.  Fortunately, the
company turned out to be really reliable and we got an ideal mortgage rate.  

As mentioned before, I know I am a little behind the times (so
is apple?!)
by not using facebook and twitter, which seem to be changing our way of
thinking.  Without considering other
factors, these social media are a great way of sharing our value, passion, and
way of life with friends.  Just think
about it, what
would you say if you had a chance to send a message to 1 million people
?  For me, if I had the ability to message 1
million people, I would send out funny pictures which could lift everyone’s
head from work and daily pressure and make them let out a wholehearted laugh.  


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