Christmas party on Yacht Spirit

This year’s company Christmas party was held on Cruise Spirit
at Long Beach last Friday.    It was a big gathering, more than 70 people
attended, although only about 1/3 of them were co-workers from the
company.  The party lasted about 3 hours,
the yacht left at 7pm, and returned at 10pm.  Although the weather was a little cold and it
was drizzling all night, the atmosphere in the cabin was warm and lively, and
everyone had a good time.

The party was organized by American colleagues, so it was
more American style.  In this case, it
could not be expected more on the food.  We
were served a simple Italian food buffet as dinner. However, to most Chinese,
the food only consisted of dough of different sizes and different colors.  One Chinese colleague commented that the food
was awful, which really surprised the Americans who shouted for why 🙂

After dinner, a magician performed several magics.  His performance was a little bit cliché, but
the magician was really good at ice breaking and the atmosphere was enlivened

This was the first time for Eric to board on a cruise, and
he was quite excited.  At first, seeing
the Festival lights along the coast and the waterfalls, he spoke quickly “wey wey
(meaning water), light light” to draw our attention.  Later he walked around to say hi, which
earned a lot of favor, and co-workers loved to hug him.  Eric also got a toy car from the party, and that
was one of the gifts for babies prepared by the organizers.

(Pictures by colleague Bill)


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