Domino’s pizza, the worst?

Domino’s pizza is almost the worst one among the list of a survey
result – who
makes the best pizza
, and a lot of people commented that its pizza was bland
and overly doughy. 

This is surprising and interesting news to me.  Frankly speaking, I do not have a sensitive
sense of taste to judge which pizza is better.  However, I still remember that the first pizza
I ever had was at Domino’s several years back in Beijing.  The pizza store was located near Renda.  As a graduate student, I did not have much
money, so to enjoy a medium size pizza at RMB70+ was a real luxury.  Like many other first-time experiences in my life,
I gave total thumbs-up to Domino’s pizza. 
In my impression, there were not so many Domino’s outlets in Beijing
back then.  And suddenly Pizza Hut gained
a rapid popularity in the beginning of year 2000.  I still remember that a lot of people queued
up outside the Pizza Hut at the western gate of Renda in cold winter evening.

There is news that Domino’s
changing its pizza recipe
, to make the pizza crust more garlicky, tweaking
its tomato sauce, and upgrading its cheese. 
The new pizza will be sold in all outlets in Dec 27.

The up-to-date survey result about who makes the best pizza
is as following:

This mom-and-pop
place near where I live

51.8% (2,468 votes)

Papa John’s

15.3% (730 votes)

Pizza Hut

13.9% (661 votes)


6.3% (298 votes)

Round Table

4.7% (226 votes)

Little Caesars

3.4% (162 votes)


3.1% (148 votes)

The local
supermarket’s freezer case

1.4% (68 votes)



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