How am I ready to be a Christian?

(Photo credit to Happy Publishing)

Today I was asked how I feel that I am ready to be a Christian.  I replied that I am full of the aspiration to follow Jesus Christ, and I am willing to be a pure child of Father.

It is true that my head is still filled with all kinds of trashes, like selfishness, worries, and even doubts sometimes, which make me feel oppressive and unhappy.  I have been living in these kinds of negative feelings for the past 33 years.   Someone asked me before, when was my happiest period of time in my past?  I did not know the answer.  I did not feel happy in each stage of my life.  It is awful.  So I have to change.  I need a way out.  I want to feel the true happiness and peacefulness.  I want to be filled with joy and delight.  I believe that the brand new ME can only be formed and strengthened with a strong belief in my heart by following Jesus Christ.  I have not studied Bible much yet, but when I browsed the Book last night, I was astonished that how a PURE and absolutely sincere person I will become when I fully accept Jesus Christ.  I have been in this sin for so long, it may take me long time to dump the trashes out of my head, and replenish it with freshness and purity.

I understand that there are all kinds of reasons that lead us to Jesus Christ.  But no matter what reason it is, the result is that I get here with Jesus Christ, and I am willing to open my mind and my heart to let HIM in.  This will be a wonderful and amazing journey for me!


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