Leave the best to the last?

(Photo credit to here)

Today at lunch time, a colleague had fried fish, rice, vegetable and meat in his lunch box.  He ate all the other food until he started to eat the intact fried fish. We were curious why he ate in this sequence; he said that fish was his favorite, so he kept the best to the last. In this way, he would feel that the best is always there awaiting him.  We laughed and played friendly joke on him.

Richard then told a story about one of his friends in middle school.  The guy loved to eat drumstick. One day, he stood at one side of a basketball court and watched people playing basketball while eating.  He finished all the other food in his lunch box except the drumstick.  While he was about to enjoy his most favorite food, the basketball flied toward him unexpectedly, bounced down his lunch box, and his precious drumstick was dropped to the dusty ground.  Oh, what a pity!  Hearing this story, we laughed again:  So there is a risk if you keep the best to the last since you do not know what happen to you in the next coming minute.

Then we proposed to the colleague that he should eat the most favorite food first, and then eat the second most favorite food, and so on…in this way, what he eats is always the best as times go.

This was quite interesting. Several of the colleagues discussed on this eating habit extensively.  We agreed that those people who eat the best first are usually optimistic ones. Reason?  First, they have eaten and enjoyed the best, and the pleasure of enjoyment makes them feel good and happy; second, they have the courage to use up what is the best of the moment, which shows they have confidence in the future.  A confident person is more positive.  On the other hand, those who keep the best to the last are more pessimistic and lack of a sense of security, and they tend to worry about the future and always do the best to prepare for the future uncertainty.  Of course, each of us has a feeling of insecurity, but to varying degrees.

Conclusion? Be a good-time Charlie.  Enjoy life while ye may.


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