Tortilla is a flatbread made from corn or wheat by Mexicans. Recently we eat a lot Tortillas at home, so I would like to talk a little bit about it today.  Although what to eat seems to be daily routine and is not worth mentioning, I still think it is good to write it down so as to share with the relatives in China about our daily life, and it will surely be fun to record it down for a later review of our lives.

As said, tortillas are cooked to a great variety, but they usually fall into two classes: made from corn, or made from wheat.  To us, flour tortilla is the only opinion that suits our taste.

Growing up in Northern China, I have cultivated a typical appetite for cooked wheaten food.  Therefore, flour food will make my mouth water after engaged in rice for long time.  When I was very young, I had an impression that rice was more expensive than steamed bun.  We did not eat much rice, and for most of the time, rice was cooked to porridge in my home town.  I still remember that in the college canteen in Jinan, the price for a cake of cooked white rice was RMB 50 cents, while a big steamed bun only cost about RMB 20 cents (the steamed bun was so cheap!  I really feel regret that I did not eat more back then. J).  Nowadays, cooked rice becomes our main staple food; however, I want wheaten food badly sometimes.

Although Richard was raised in Southern China, he has been studying and working in various places, and his appetite becomes versatile.  So he likes wheaten food very much as long as the food is not very stiff. For those hard-to-chew flour foods, Richard will have to accompany each bite with a swallow of water.  Looking at me finishing up the whole piece of pie without drinking water, Richard must be very jealous at me 😉

Eric is going through a period of picky eating as a toddler, however, he likes eating wheaten food, which makes us pleasantly surprised.

Now that all three of us like cooked flour food, tortilla is a good option.  Plus, tortilla is easy to cook, so it is ideal for us who do not have much time for cooking. Whenever we want to eat it, we just put tortilla (the cooked ones we bought from Mexican supermarket) in microwave oven for about 40 seconds, and it will become soft and ready to eat.

Mexicans usually eat tortilla by wrapping meat, cheese, and vegetables inside it to make tacos or burritos.  We do not follow this traditional way, and we just eat them like Shandongnese eating steamed bun: one hand grapping tortilla, and the other hand with chopsticks for dishes.

Today I googled the history of tortilla.  It is said that according to Mayan legend, tortillas were invented by a peasant for his hungry king in ancient times. The first tortillas, which date back to approximately 10 000 BC, were made of native corn with dried kernel.  10 000 BC? What a long history tortilla has!

PS., I got to know another kind of pie recently, named pita bread, which is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.  People usually stuff meat and vegetables in the pocket for eating.  Pita bread tastes good, which reminds me Laiwu baked bun in my hometown.


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