Fun at Lemon Park

Last Saturday, we went to Lemon Park.  In the park, there are a children’s slide set, several swings for babies and adults, and a spray water pool which open between 12pm and 5pm.

Eric loves to swing. Every time when he was sitting on the swing board and we pushed him to wide amplitude, he laughs loudly.

It was a big surprise for us that little Eric is able to play on the slide set so well by himself, without our help.  He climbed up the poles agilely.  Grasping the beam, he hanged around for several seconds.  We marveled at his strong muscle.

The spray watter pool is something new to all three of us.  A lot of kids played there, shouting around.  However, Eric did not want to play at the spray water pool.  He was kind of scared.  I asked him why he did not like it, and he replied that the water is too cold.  Maybe this was part of the reason, and to my opinion, we need to guide him to learn swimming and get him to be more familiar with playing in water.


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