My good job on Thursday’s class — 082710

Last night I went to Thursday’s class.  Almost all of the students are Americans (except another girl and me), so I could say that I was surrounded by Americans.  Usually under such circumstance, I would become very nervous and uncomfortable because my mind was occupied to worry about my poor English and I was not able to talk.  But last night when it was my turn to talk, I pretended to be confident and talked loudly, and they all understood.  There was also a small Q & A session. And I managed it well too.  Yeah, my English was still not so perfect with a Chinese accent, but the people there were very understanding, which encouraged me a lot as well.  I felt so good in last night class. (Conclusion: as said, be confident! If you cannot, then pretend to be confident, speak loudly, self-confidence will come automatically.)


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