Establish Richard’s authority as the father — 082810

A small conversation among three of us:-

Richard said to Eric:”you cannot eat more, you have eaten too much.”

Eric wanted to eat more, so he referred to me:”Mum…”

To me, I thought it was not a big deal.  But I said to Eric:”Yeah, you cannot eat more, because daddy said so.  You need to follow what daddy said since what daddy said is right.”

Eric did not say anything.  In this way, I managed to establish Richard’s authority as the father.


I did not realize the importance of this issue before.  After I replied to Eric as above subconsciously, I suddenly noticed how important it was to set up Richard’s authority as a father.  Father has a very important role in a child’s growth.  Only when Richard’s authority as the father established, will Eric have confidence in Richard and follow what Richard say.   As the mother, I should follow Richard’s reasonable advice, and help set up his authority on this respect.

Here is a good article about this subject:


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