Happy doing — 083110

Read an article from one of my favorite blogs.  There is one sentence touched me:”Now that you decide to cancel your vacation and stay here for work, just work happily.  Complaining is useless.See here.

This is a very positive attitude of life.  I like it.

Sometimes when I have to do something, in order to show that I am reluctant to do it, I usually accept the no-choice decision wearing a sullen expression, which is so obvious that all the people involved are affected by my moodiness.

But what for?  As the author said, whenever you have to do something, you will do it anyway.  Why don’t you do it with a happier, more positive attitude?   In this way, people around you will feel relaxed and grateful of what you are doing.

In the end, it is your choice – to live a happy life or not.


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