30DLBL Day 1 — My Life Wheel

Participate in the activity of LIVE A BETTER LIFE IN 30 DAYS CHALLENGE.   Today is day 1.  Subject is MY LIFE WHEEL.

Part I: assessing where I am

Part II: reflections…why I am here?

My average point is 7.5, which means my current life status is fairly ok, but can be better.   I’ll analyze every segment on the life wheel one by one.

1.  Career.  My current career seems stuck.  The main reason?  Language!  English. English.. English… Second reason is because of my introspective character, no courage to communicate with others.

2. Finance/wealth. This is related to my career.  Except the regular paycheck, I am interested in some online business.  Need to think on this topic more.

3. Health/fitness.  Need to get rid of the fat over the belly area.

4. Social/Friends. Situation is improving since I know some friends from Church.

5. Family.  I have the lowest point on this segment.  Need to ease the tense relationship with my in-laws.

6. Romance/Love. Better than before. But can be improving more.  Object is no argument, obedient to Richard.

7. Recreation/Fun.  Good on this part, since we go out on weekends for funs.

8. Parenting. I am a good mom.  I’m thinking ways to improve my parenting skills.

9.  Personal growth.  This is an ever-ending quest on me.  Keep on growing.  Hope this project helps me improve in some way.

10. Spiritual.  I feel blessed to join Fullerton Church and became a Christian. The problem is that my current focus is mainly on ordinary stuff.  I should allocate more time to Bible reading.

Part III: September 30-day action plan


1. Daily work

2. Reading books to Eric (15 mins)

3. Bible reading (30 mins – 1 hr)

4. English reading (1 hrs)

5. No argument with Richard.

6. Sit-ups (50) before sleeping

7. Attend Thursday evening class

8. Peaceful minded and clear loud speaking


1. Morning jogging (30 mins)

2. Library (30 mins)

3. Bible group or attend God’s table at Fullerton Church

4. English reading (1 hr)

5. Sit-ups (50) before sleeping

Individual activities on weekends:-

1) Go to Grandma Guijing’s place on 09/04

2) Dingyang couple come to our house on 09/03 ~ 09/05 long weekend

3) Invite Annie family to our house on 09/11

4) Call in-laws on 09/12

5) Go to Zhangqian’s house for Katie’s birthday (need to check which day)

6) Invite Yingfang family to house on 09/25 or 10/02



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