Flatten stomach, hold out bosom, pull back shoulders, stand tall – a gorgeous stance – 09/01/10

When I looked at one of my recently taken photos , I felt disappointed at my fat belly.  The main reason for the fatness in myself, of course, is lack of exercise.

To flatten the stomach, I have made a plan to work-out, like jogging and sit-ups.

Making holding my stomach tight in as a habit is another way out.  I managed to suck in my belly, and surprised to find out that my bosom was held out simultaneously, and I stood tall with my shoulders pulled back.  I actually feel good in this gorgeous sculpted look.

I would like to make this stance a habit — flattening stomach, holding out bosom, pulling back shoulders, and standing tall.  Someone says it takes about 3 weeks to develop a new habit.  OK, JUST HANG IN THERE, SUSAN!


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