Thought, Tuesday, 09-07-10

The art of chit-chat

Sis. Jane Cheng asked me if I knew George’s Burger.  I said yes, and added that Sis. Judy and Olive invited our family to lunch at George’s Burger once.

After the chit-chat, I realized that I had made superfluous remarks.  For Jane’s question, I could simply answered yes or no, and no need to explain when and why we went there.   When I mentioned to Jane that Sis Judy and Oliver invited us for lunch, it seemed somehow that I pushed Jane to treat us too.

It is not a big deal.  But it makes me think about the art of chit-chat.  How to do chit-chat is kind of tricky: sometimes we flounder around trying to find a topic to talk, and sometime we feel embarrassed because we talk too much.  We have to be very careful to weigh the point of neither more nor less.


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