What did I do last week? — 09-09-10

We had a long 3-day weekend with Labor Day holiday on Monday.  It was a busy and happy long weekend.

On Saturday, we visited Richard’s relative Grandma Guijin.  Grandma Guijin lives in Pasadena.  She is a 90 years old lady, very clean, stylish, and independent.  She lives in an apartment for the seniors by herself although his son and family are in USA.  At the age 90, she still travels at least twice each year.  I admire her very much.  I hope I’ll have her spirit when I am at her age.  Grandma Guijin treated us lunch at Cuihengcun, a Cantonese restaurant for Dim Sum, which is one of the best in town.

One Sunday, we went to LA county fair with Ding Yang couple in Pomona.  The weather was very hot, but we had a good time there, especially for Eric because he enjoyed the carrousel.  There are a lot of shows, games, such as carrousel, ferris wheel, water slides, scary ghost pirate, etc. , real animals, like pigs, chickens, horses, and expensive foods.  The Fair lasts for one month, starting on Sep. 4 and ending on Oct. 3.  The general admission ticket is $1.00.  But inside the fair, if you want to play any games, you need to buy additional ticket.

On Monday, we went to eat Korean Tofu together with David Zhang’s family.  The Korea Tofu House is on beach blvd.  We believe it is the only one in Fullerton.   The appraisal to this restaurant is a little salty, but good.  They do not serve eggs in their Tofu bowl now.  This is a minus point.

From Tuesday onwards, life is back to normal.  Company and home, two points on one line every day.  It is good though.  I enjoy it.


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