Karen is one of my classmates in Thursday’s class.  She looks pretty, efficient and capable, and easy-going.  She spoke very clear and coherent, sometimes sounded encouraging and persuading.

In another class, she told us that one of her friend was jealous of her easy-going character, and asked her how she managed to get along so well with almost everyone.  She answered,”Just be natural. I just do what I am naturally doing.”  This gave me a very deep impression of her.

Last night, however, she told that she was deeply troubled by the relationship with one of her long-time best girl friends.  During the Labor-Day long weekend, her friend came to visit her.  During their chit-chatting, her friend’s teenager son and daughter kept on interrupting the conversation by calling their mother about every 10 – 15 minutes.  It became very annoying and Karen made some comments on the deeds of her friend’s kids, which made her friend totally mad.  Her friend began to relate Karen’s daughters’ childhood misbehaviors.  Karen’s daughters are already in their 20’s. Now What Karen’s friends talked about reminded Karen of the old days when Karen does not want to remember, and it made Karen really feel frustrated.  The argument began to escalate, finally to a level that Karen’s girl friend began to point fingers.

I was surprised to learn that even a people person like Karen has trouble to handle relationships. Then the conclusion is that everybody has his/her trouble.  I should be more merciful to myself, no need to push myself too hard.


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