Thought, Thursday, 09-16-10

Emotion Control

I was very angry today at work because I was bullied by a colleague, who tried to shirk her responsibility of an issue and passed the blame on me.  This made me mad.

She has bullied me several times before since I came to work in this company.  I did not say anything on what she did to me in the past because I was relatively new in the company.

But this time I was out of control.  I complained to my manager and wrote an email to clarify the issue to all parties involved.

Afterwards, I give a thought of this whole issue.  I should say that I am very weak at emotion control.  I should not complain to my manager.  I should calm down and just write the email to all.

What should I do to control my emotion?  I may discuss this topic in this evening’s class.


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