What is good about me?

What is good about me?

This week’s assignment from Thursday Class is what is the good thing about you.  I like this topic which makes me think a lot about myself.

1. Smart.  I am very academically smart, and I was a top student when I was in school, although I need to make some progress to be more socially street smart.

2. Strong minded.  I came from an ordinary family.  But I attend one of the best universities and then went to abroad for study with full scholarship.  Without strong determination, I couldn’t achieve these goals.  At the same time, I became a little arrogant and need to soften my stubborn character.

3. Friendly and easy-going.  I knew where I came from, so I am always friendly and sympathetic, and I never judge a book by its cover.

4. Love.  I love my son and my husband. I just learned that one of the most important aspects of love is to focus all your attention on the person you love, especially during conversation, because the prerequisite of love is respect.


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