Thought, Wednesday, 10-06-10


This happened last week, but I record it down here for memory refreshing.

We are in the process of refinancing.  The agent C emailed us to inform that we need to either borrow more money or set up an impound account for this reason or that.

Reading the message after being informed days ago that our refinancing had been approved, I felt annoyed.  Neither of the two options offered by agent were what we want.  I had a short discussion with Richard and we decided that, instead of borrowing more or setting up an impound account, we would like to buy down the principle.

After the discussion, I quickly picked up the phone and called the agent.  I directly told C that we would like to buy down the principle instead of adopting the two options he offered in his email.  My voice must sound a little offensive.  After a while, Richard took over the phone call.  He asked several questions which were not clear from C’s email, such as why we need to loan more; if paying more is a must, how much we need to pay; will the total exact amount being calculated by escrow, etc..  Richard asked the questions in a logical way, one after another, which showed his distinct train of thinking.  At the end of his phone call, Richard got all his info needed and was crystal clear about everything.  Based on the info he got, he was confident enough to re-confirm that buying down principle is a reasonable and fair decision.

The thing I appreciated Richard most was his attitude during the phone call.  He was neither humble nor pushy.  He just talked with the agent with a calm voice and kept the communication in an objective way.  I felt it was a typical textbook example of what professional communication is.


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