How to manage anger


  • Exercise, Yoga Meditation
  • Breathing deeply (remember Lamaze techniques for child birth)
  • Peaceful imagery
  • Repeating a calming phrase: just “relax” or “take it easy” 

Cognitive restructuring: change your stories:-

  • Think in the positive not the negative
  • Avoid terms like always and never
  • Change your approach – request rather than demand
  • Reframe the incident – think of other circumstances that might be influencing the situation

 Problem Solving:-

  • Identify the problem
  • Investigate the options
  • Make a plan on how to fix the problem 

Better communication:-

  • Slow down your thinking don’t jump to conclusions
  • Validate feeling
  • Clarify the situation by asking questions
  • Be an attentive listener


  • Don’t take yourself so seriously – humorous imagery can sometimes be helpful to diffuse the situation.  CAUTION: Avoid sarcastic and harsh humor.  Do not simply “laugh off your problems, ignoring issues at hand.”

 Change your environment:-

  • Take a time out return at a mutually agreed upon time to deal with the problem..


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