Being authentic to your true dreams

This morning I read an article from one of my favorite blogs with a title 5 steps to being authentic to your true dreams. In this article, the author claimed the 5 steps in this way:-

Claim Back Your True Dreams

Here are some useful steps:

1. Take ownership of yourself discovery journey. To attain better outcomes, you must take personal responsibility for how you would like your life to turn out.

Susan: Yes, can’t agree more.  Whatever life we live, we need to take full responsibility for our own life.  So stop complaining. Don’t put blame on anyone else. Whining is doing no good at all.

2. Focus on your being. The more authentic you are, the clearer your inner dreams will be. You may even be surprised to find out eventually that these look nothing like what you have previously.

Susan: True.  I was surprised to find out my authentic being recently.  I would like to be an extrovert, easy-going, and people’s person.  But it turned out that I am actually shy, sensitive, and introvert, as I bitterly admitted in a character test on last Thursday class.  I guess I need to accept who I am, and based on the true self, I go for my inner dream.

3. Ask yourself what your true dreams are and if you are willing to follow these. The moment of pause is important. You must set the intent to go towards your dreams. Without an eye on your dreams, you will be moving along shakily and are more likely to abandon the process.

Susan:  Ask yourself what your true dreams are and if you are willing to follow these.

I had a lot of dreams since I was very young.

The very first dream was to attend a good college and get out of the small village I was born in.  Since I attended the college, I went further to Beijing for graduation study, and then to Singapore, and finally to USA, now I am far away from my little village in Shandong province.

After graduation from schools, I had several new dreams for myself.

  1. I would like to set up my company. I did several small internet sales through eBay platform.  But each of these small businesses did not last for long time. I thought I don’t have enough determination to set up a new business.
  2. Real estate investment.  It takes a lot of money to be a landlord, so I think the time is not mature for now.  I need to have patience to wait for capital accumulation.
  3. Stock trading.  Stock trading is similar to save the money in banks, but in a more efficient way and requiring more effort, of course.  So it is like a disciplined wealth management method.  And I don’t treat it as my life-long career.
  4. Professional woman.  This is a most realistic way for me to go.  Even on this road, there are some blocks, such as language skill, presentation skill, character training, and so on.  Although the road is not broad and straight, I have enough confidence that if I have persistence to pursue in this direction along the professional ladders, I can achieve my goal.  I’ll go for it.

4. Start with small steps towards your true dreams. You don’t have to take a giant step if the change is going to be too drastic for you. Start small. Starting with any small action is an affirmation of your trust that your dream will happen, even if you have no clue as to how.

Susan:  Start small – a smart idea.  For me, I take use every chance in my life to communicate with people and to practice my English.

5. Consider what work you can provide around them. When things become clear to you, develop work that you can offer as true expressions of your being. While the be-ing is more important than the doing, the doing seals your physicalness on Earth. You are here to participate in the interactive process with others in an energy exchange that will also ensure that you thrive well.

Susan: This is to create the environment so that my true dream will come true.  To my opinion, if I have persistence, never give up, step by step, the environment around me will change.  My opportunity will come.  By then, the only thing I need to do is to be sharp enough to recognize the opportunity, and take courage to seize it without hesitation.


3 thoughts on “Being authentic to your true dreams

  1. Hello Susan,

    Thank you for taking my articles and actually seriously thinking about them. It shows that you are committed to your personal growth.

    I read with interest about your dreams. I had and still have a number myself. I wish you all the best in your endeavors!


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