My thought after reading The wounded inner child

I have acknowledged my wounded inner child for quite some time, and have realized its havoc to my life.  I learned a huge lesson.  I won’t let my past depressed experience sit on the driver’s seat and take charge of my life any more.

1. Be positive. Whenever I become self-suspicious or have any negative thinking, I’ll remind myself of the disaster the wounded inner child can cause.  To achieve my goal, I shall not allow my childhood bad experience to affect my emotion and feeling.  Focus on doing every single thing in my very best way – both in work and in life.  When I am concentrated on things, instead of on the negative feelings, I’m able to achieve most.

2. Be genuine. Be sincere to people.  Willing to spend money and time helping others.  Be generous to others.  Willing to communicate with others, listening to others sincerely, and sharing own opinions positively in an objective way. When talking with people, stay for one more second; don’t appear to be in a rush.  Calm down; don’t worry about topics of conversation.

3. Be confident. To be confident, or to be lack of confidence, it is a purely personal choice.  Preparing homework well is the most efficient way to boost self-confidence level.  Learn to love self. Don’t take self too seriously.  Be relaxed and comfort.

4. Self-praise every day. Make it a habit to praise myself every day, in front of a mirror, and after everything I do with my best.


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