I hate being gifted

KT is a sixth grade girl.  She was smart, “not a genius or anything, just regular smart” in her words.  She was pretty and nice to everybody.  She has two best friends in the class – Melinda and Chrissy.  The three friends’ houses were very near and the girls always had sleepover or something.

But when KT passed the test for LEAP – Learning Enrichment Activity Program, things began to change.  She had to spend three whole afternoons a week in the LEAP class, away from her regular class and her best friends.  Kids from LEAP class were regarded as LEAP creepy.  Although KT had asked her parents to let her out of LEAP class, her parents thought it might be a good chance for her to know new friends and they didn’t agree with KT’s inquiry.

Friends became scarce.  Melinda and Chrissy began to hang around with Erica, the popularity queen in the class.  Erica got an idea to organize a party club, every girls in the class dreamed of receiving invitation.  KT was invited as one of the five organizers too, but she felt being separated from the other four.  When KT’s proposal to inviting her new friend Jessica to join the club was rejected just because she was one of the LEAP creepy, KT dropped out of the club.

KT was distressed and felt miserable for the whole week because she found no one to talk to and her popularity in the class was much lowered.   Melinda did not talk with her, and Chrissy was out for sick for several days and KT was not sure if Chrissy wanted to talk with her.  It stank to be alone, to have everybody be so mean to you.

However, on Friday, things turned around.

Chrissy turned down Erica’s club member invitation because she had to do what’s right and she “would rather have Erica and them hate me than have you hate me.”  Chrissy and KT were friends again.  KT was back to be a happy girl.

This book was written by Patricia Herms, who is the author of many highly acclaimed books for children and young adults, including her most recent novel, Be Still My Heart .  I was attracted by the vivid language Patricia used to depict the characters and psychology of the sixth-grade girls.  Friendship played an important part in their life, and they became interested in the opposite sex.  Being jealous is evil, and being nice is always a golden trait to treat others for all ages.

About the inadequate side, to my opinion, although it was plotted in a more realistic way, I felt the whole story was a little insipid and the ending seemed to be a little rush.


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