Serving with Marilyn

I served with Marilyn at Toddlers’ room last Sunday.  I had a very good communication with Marilyn.

She is the Sister of Brother Dan Towle.  Although Brother Dan is very active in the Church life, doing a lot of lectures and traveling a lot, Marilyn is a low-key person, staying at home taking care of their four kids and praying for Dad while he is away.  She said it is her way to serve the Lord by supporting his brother.

She also talked about the story of Peter, one of their sons.  Peter was a very docile kid when he was young.  But being a teenager, he became rebelling, rejected believing in Lord, and totally went into the world.  The parents couldn’t do much about this, and all they did was keeping on praying for Peter.  One day, Peter encountered a severe car accident.  Although there was a high possibility that Peter could have been killed in the accident analyzing from what happened on the spot, Lord conserved him. Peter injured his left arm and the skin on the arm was peeled off.  After the accident, Peter became softened and slowly recovered to Church life.  As a building contractor, Peter felt depressed with a powerless left arm.  But other brothers did not give him up. They invited Peter to participate in Building 8 construction.  Though Peter lacked of self-confidence, he was totally moved by Brothers’ deeds.  After three sincere inquires from brothers and countless prays together with his parents, Peter accepted the invitation following Lord’s call.  At the same time, he was totally recovered by Lord.  Thank Lord!

I am happy to serve with Marilyn, from her I see a way to live out of Lord.




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