Juliet Fisher and the foolproof plan

Juliet Fisher and the Foolproof Plan


Just spent the whole afternoon to read a book called Juliet Fisher and the Foolproof Plan by Natalie Honeycutt.  The book’s wonderful.  Reading level: Ages 4-8 J

I watched the book cover for a while and interestingly found that the picture illustrated the story very well.  The girl sitting in the front row had to be Juliet Fisher, an eight-year-old girl.  She had her own life goal to be a brainy doctor, and she was “motivated” on everything to be good, which could be spotted from her serious look, dignity dresses, well-mannered posture, crisp and tidy binder, neatly written name on the top of the paper, and orderly stationeries.  The problem was that she does not have friends.  The only friend was Jonah Twist and Granville Jones…combined.  To the class, she was bossy because she pointed out the right way to do things; nosy because she helped Mrs. Lacey see when someone wasn’t working; the announcer because she always pointed out other people’s mistakes.

Juliet pretended that she did not care about lack of friends, but she was bothered by nobody coming to her birthday party, and her new desk mate Lydia Jane…

Lydia Jane was the girl standing besides Juliet in the picture.  Wearing a mischievous look, curly red hair with green hair band, pierced ears with green earrings, and neon-colored clothes, Lydia was dropping all her stuff on the desk, the stuff including her lunch box, a backpack, an armload of books and papers, a box of tissues, and a handful of pencil stubs. Lydia was a chatterbox according to Juliet, and Juliet was quite upset when Mrs. Lacey set Lydia as her new desk mate.  But Lydia was very popular in the class, and all the kids liked her.

Juliet thought that Mrs. Lacey wanted Lydia Jane to sit next to someone who could set a good example, and Julie was the someone who could do it.  However, since they became desk mates, Juliet couldn’t help to chatting with Lydia, and afterwards she got very annoyed.  Juliet even thought of escaping to her grandma’s to avoid Lydia sitting next to her.

Then Jonah Twist and Granville Jones offered a foolproof plan to Juliet – Juliet to start acting like Lydia Jane.  In this way, instead of Juliet rubbing off on Lydia Jane, Lydia Jane rubbed off on Juliet.  As a result, when Mrs. Lacey saw that Lydia Jane rubbed off on you instead of the other way around, she would have to send her back to her old seat.  It sounded a feasible plan, and Juliet wanted to accept it with Granville being the coach.

Julie began to execute the plan: bought flashy new clothes, stained her shirts, finished just half homework, skipped along the road, purposely tracked mud, ate junk food, and even persuaded her mom to get her ears pierced.  She changed so much, her mom got mad at her, but she became happier and now she had friends at class.

Finally, Mrs. Lacey had a talk with Juliet.  Juliet worried about the habitat project because it was pretty messy, but Mrs. Lacey said she did not notice it and this was the best work Juliet had ever done all year.  Juliet worried that Mrs. Lacey would move Lydia Jane’s seat, instead, Mrs. Lacey told her setting a good example for Lydia Jane was the farthest thing from her mind, and the purpose of letting Juliet sitting next to Lydia Jane was to have Juliet have some fun.

At the end of the book, Juliet had her ninth year birthday party.  Friends came, including Jonah Twist, Granville Jones, Lydia Jane, and several others.  The friends had a wonderful time, and they enjoyed their fun.


I like this book.  It is peering into the children’s world and psychology from a unique angle.

  1. Children need to have fun, worry free, and stress free.  It is nothing wrong with being average.  So as a parent, I shall not give my son a lot of pressure.

–          “But an A is excellent,” Juliet persisted. “Don’t you want to be excellent?”

–          “Not if I have to write more sentences,” Lydia Jane said.  Then she grinned. “Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong with being average.  I’m average, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

2. Juliet echoed me. I was a good student since I was very young.  But I did not have a good teacher like Mrs. Lacey to teach me have fun.  After marriage, Richard always reminds me to relax, no frowning, not to be too serious.  I need to learn fun too.

3. Somehow, from Lydia Jane, I saw Yingfang, informal, outwards, and easy going.



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