Hillary Clinton – my role model

Hillary Clinton is my role model.  It is not because of her political opinions, or because of her positions, it is because of the public image she successfully maintains.

She is a very energetic person.  Considering her age, considering her fully booked work schedule, as a female, she never shows a slice of tiring look.  I wonder how she manages to do that.  More exercises is one of my new year resolutions, I would like to be an energetic person by working out more and staying up late less.

Hillary is a very intelligent and confident person.  She is so smart and she does her homework so well, when she talks, she never talks nonsense.  I used to watch C-span before and I was always impressed by her speech, her logic thinking, and her confidence.  For me, I am not as intelligent as her, but I will prepare well by doing homework in advance for meetings and events, so that I can stay on track and participate more.  That’s one of my New Year resolutions as well.

Hillary always dresses herself appropriately.  I like the way she dresses, so professional, and so neat.  I know it need to invest a lot to dress in the similar way.  So I’ll do as best as I can.


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