My Boss

Hi everybody, I have a sad news to share.  My boss passed away on Jan 11.  He’d been struggling against lung cancer for 6 months before died.  I felt horrible when I got the news.  Our company is not so big, and everyone in the company is kind of close, like family members.  We usually bring food from home and have lunch together at the company’s lunch room.  It was not so long ago that he still lunched and talked together with us.

He was a very kind, positive, and generous person.  He led a very healthy life.  He worked out a lot, jogging, taiji, etc… he ate every healthy food, and maintained very positive attitude toward life.  That was why all of the coworkers shocked hearing the news that he got a lung cancer.

Although he was the general manager of our company, he looked more like a professor, instead of a businessman.  He read a lot of books and he was willing to share with us the ideas he learned from books during lunch time.

Once he recommended us a book named The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.  I read the book these two days.  Although I have not finished reading yet, I already feel being inspired a lot.  I’ll continue reading the book.  Here are some wise words from the book that I would like to share with all:-

Make Now the primary focus of your life.

Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.

Death is a stripping away of all that is not you.  The secret life is to “die before you die”  — and find that there is no death.  (I felt much better after reading this sentence on the news of my boss’ pass away.)

The eternal present is the space within which your whole life unfolds, the one factor that remains contact.  Life is Now.  There was never a time when your life isn’t now, nor will there ever be.

Time is what keeps the light from reaching us.  There is no greater obstacle to God than time – Meister Ekhart

Be present as the watcher of your mind – of your thoughts and emotions as well as your reactions in various situations.

The only place where true change can occur and where the past can be dissolved is the Now.


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