Ups and Downs on my English Study


1)  Insist on reading one lesson of New Concept English III one day since Jan 01. Good job!

2)  My co-worker Jamie said my English improved a lot while we were on a phone call the other day. I felt so encouraging!

3) I love to talk to English-speaking people recently, and found it is not very difficult to find a topic to pick up.  Terrific!

4)  I don’t care much about what others think about me when I am talking.  I just do my best to communicate.  Nice!


1) In last evening’s class, it was my turn to read an article.  I felt terrible when finished reading.  I watched my mind, now my emotion is still sorrow due to the poor job I did. So I cannot focus myself on reading The Power of Now.

Life situation always follows this pattern:  when you feel so upbeat, disappointing things sneaks in to try to let you down.  If you are beaten by the short-term failure, you are following Satan, and you’re not living in Now, but waste your life sobbing over the past.

Keep your chin up, Susan!  Get yourself together.  You’ll improve the language!


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