Movie: 127 hours

The story was real, happening in year 2003.  It was a famous story back then; even I heard this story when I was in Singapore.

Aron Ralston was a hiker at Blue John Canyon in Moab, Utah. While he was passing through a ravine, a boulder dislodged, and he fell down into a cracker and his right hand was firmly pinned between the fallen boulder and a rock wall.  Over the next five days, he was forced to endure the extreme physical and mental tortures while he tried every possible method to chip away the boulder.  He didn’t tell anyone where he was going and he didn’t bring with him any communication tools, which meant he was in a desperate situation.  The only tool he had was a unitool with dull blade.  He designed a pulley system trying to lift off the boulder, he attempted to wedge the boulder, and also tried to cut off his arm with the unitool’s dull blade, but all failed.  He soon ran out of water and resort to drinking his urine.  When delirium began to set in, he prepared to death by carving his name and assumed death date on the rock wall.

When death seemed to be inevitable, he felt he had nothing to lose. And he did the only thing he could think of: levered his arm until he broke his bones in the forearm.  And with the unitool, he cut off the soft issue with dull blade, using the pliers on the harder tendons.  The process was long and excruciating, especially when he reached the nerves. With the last piece of tendon cut, he simply fell off the limb he was trapped and was free – at least free of the big rock.  He was dehydrated and delirious. After some long distance hike, he finally bumped into some travelers and was rescued to a hospital.  He then became a national hero and some symbol of human spirit.

Aron Raston was acted by James Franco.  His acting skills were excellent, which made the boring-single-scene movie unbelievable triumph.  Someone compared James Franco to Tom Hanks. I am a big fan of Tom Hanks, so I’ll keep an eye on all James Franco’s movie.

source is here.


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