401K advisors

Today two AXA 401 advisors came to our company to do presentation on our 401K plan.  One of the advisors was a JD, graduated from Purdue Uni. and Wharton School of Business, both of which are the best universities in the world.  I am deeply impressed, so I tried to observe how he did the presentation and how he answered the questions.  Here are some of the points I learned from him:-

  1. Be confident.  When he did the presentation, I got a feeting that he stood in front of the mass steadily.
  2. Be fun.  Sometimes even made joke on himself.
  3. Compliment others.  Whenever an audience asked him a question, he always said:”good question” before answering it, and upon finishing the answer, he would comment again:”that’s a really good question.  Did I answer your question?”
  4. Be friendly.  After the presentation and during lunch time, he went to the audience, and commented again to the persons who just asked a question:”thanks for asking the question.  That’s a really good question…”  “Sorry that I blocked your view just now.” These are the way to break ice and talk more with the audience.

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