Book Review: Alphabet City Ballet

Today I finished reading a book called Alphabet City Ballet, by Erika Tamar.  Again this is a book suitable for young kids, age 8-10.

Marisol was a 10-year-old girl, living in a neighborhood controled by a drug dealer.  She lived together with her Papi and her 15-year-old brother Luis.  The father was the bread-earner, worked very hard in a uptown restaurant, and he’s very protective of the family.   Luis was a student too, and he worked part time in a local restaurant in the late afternoon.

Marisol had a passion for dance, and she was chosen by Manhattan Ballet School with a scholarship.  She faced several obstacles towards attending Ballet school. But Marisol thought of creative ways to conquered them.  Expense for leotard and tights was one of the obstacles, but not a big one.   Who will accompany her to school was the biggest obstacle.  At first, Marisol’s classmate Desiree’s mom accompanied them to school.  But after Desiree’s family moved, that hurdle pop out again.  Finally, Luis was moved by Marisol’s passion for Ballet, her dream, and her strong unshakable determination, and he agreed to take her to school. Marisol would get through anything to realize her dream as a ballet dancer.

Marisol was a lovely girl. I loved her character.  Whenever it was necessary for her to speak up, she would, without hesitation.   Once case was one the bus, she spoke up loudly for Desiree’s mom:”somebody should give seat to this lady with a little baby!”  Another case was when her best friend Gloria was jealously tired of hearing Marisol talking about dancing, she replied:”I could stop talking about ballet anytime I want to, but not yet.”  LOL


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