A little trick played by BOA

A colleague received a free gift from BOA several weeks ago.  It is a electromotion toy car controled by remote control.  She then gave the toy car to Eric.  When we opened the package box, we could not find the remote control anywhere.  We though maybe the package assembler forgot to put the remote control in the box.  The toy car then cannot be played without the key part. So we just left the car in Eric’s toy box, and only once a while, Eric takes it out and push it with hands.

Yesterday, our colleague had a meeting with BOA staff, and to our surprise, the person took a remote control with him, and asked our colleague:”we believe you received a toy car without remote control several weeks ago.  Here is the remote control.”

Oh, what a trick!  BOA send a free toy car without remote control to its customers.  And when the customers can’t find the remote control and call in to ask for it, BOA staff will take the chance to make appointment with its customers.  How smart!  And a little annoying too!


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