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It is a tradition in our city of fireworks show on 4th of July.  We decided to take Eric to take a look hoping he will enjoy watching the beautiful fireworks flare.

Just when we were about to set off, Eric heard a big bang from our neighbor’ backyard. There several kids were shooting off firecrackers.  The noise was so loud and so unexpected, Eric was scared and began to cry.

When we were finally ready to get going, Eric was very reluctant to go, because by then firecrackers were being banged here and there.  As we were in the car, Eric was still crying, and he did not allow us to open the car windows.  We arrived at the downtown, parked the car well, but Eric did not want to get out of car, and he begged me to close the car window.

So Richard had to started the car again and we rambled along the streets trying to find a location where we could watch fireworks inside the car.  At last, we went to the court house parking lot. There is a huge parking lot, and a lot of people had been waiting there.  There were still some vacancies, and we were lucky enough to find one ideal lot where, sitting inside the car, we were just able to watch the fireworks flare in the sky ahead of us.

When Eric saw the fireworks flare, he was amazed.  He commented that “this is like Christmas tree;” “these are like twinkle stars;” “they are colorful, red, pink, blue, golden…” By the time fireworks show ended and we went back home, Eric kept on asking us “let’s go to see it one more time.” 🙂


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