Hiking places on the wish list

Yahoo.com today listed out American’s most beautiful landmarks, 9 in total.  I have travelled none of them, so I guess all of them should be on my travel wish list.  But all of them are either in other states, or in CA but far away from our city, we’ll have to postpone the travel dates to sometime in the future. But I’ll keep an eye on them now and then just in case there are chances for travel.

I did some search for nearby places of interest which are more suitable for us to hike in the near future.  Here is the hiking list:-

1. Yosemite – gathering information on it.  It says the best time for Yosemite is in Apr to Jun, in order to see the spectacular waterfalls. In this case, I plan to go
there in May next year, and book tickets in Jan.
2. Angeles National Forest – located in Arcadia, just about 1 hour away from our house. We may travel there this Sep or Oct.

3. Tri-City Park – located in Placentia, just about 18 mins away, we can go there in any of the late afternoons when the sun heat subsides.

4. Ted CraigRegional Park – located in Fullerton, we can go there in the late afternoons.


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