Dress up

(Image is from Internet)

In the past several months, I devoted to a new hobby – dress matching.  My goal is “with the limited pieces of clothing, create unlimited combination of matching.”  I confine my experiental pieces to my current closet content.

To achieve this goal, two steps are taken (and the process is still going on): one is to improve my fashion taste, two is to find out the hit elements of the season.

It’s easy to speed up improvement on fashion taste in modern high-tech society. I searched on the internet, found a bunch of people with the same fashion interest, and followed a dozen of fashion blogs whose styles make me feel comfortable.

After reading more and more the blog articles, I gradually have a sense of fashion style and it’s easy to recognize the hit elements of the season.  To keep up with the season, it is not all about to buy new clothes.  Sometimes, we can be the most fashionable queen in the world just matching the old pieces with just a new eye-catching accessory.  Of course, it’s easy to say, but it’s difficult to actually do it because to train your fashion insight takes a long period.

After several months’ study and practice, now I am proud to see some achievements. I don’t fussing about in the closet every morning like before, and I’m able to easily select the clothes I’d like to put on.  During the day, I don’t feel anxiety any more to worry about whethere there is anything wrong with the dress.  The feeling of sureness prompted my self-confidence, which further increases my personal charisma, not only from the dress, but also from my personality.  Good for me.


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