The SBN TV program: One out of 100

This is about the Shanghai Broadcast Network (SBN) TV dating show One out of 100, which is usually on the air at golden period of time of every Friday evening.

The procedure

In the program, 8 – 10 female participants sit in a row, each of them is assigned a number. Two TV hosts stand in the center of the theater.  The male participants come to the stage one by one.  When a male guest comes to stage, female guests and female audience will give him a score, based on the first impression and his talent show.  Only those male guests whose score is equal to or greater than 70 do they have a chance to communicate with the female guests.  Once the male is qualified, he is allowed to stand in between the two hosts. He’s first asked to key in a number of his favorite girl on a cell phone.  The number he keyed in will be kept in secret until his fate in the program is clear, either rejected by all the girls, or matching successfully.  And then the females give opinions of their first impressions on the male guest.  They are asked by the hosts to decide if they’ll turn over their cards.  (Each girl gets a card. To turn over the card means to reject the male guest; otherwise, means the girl is somewhat impressed by the male.) After that, A short video shows on the big screen introducing the male guest’s background.  Males and females will have a heated communication after the video show: some Q & As, tart critiques (females to male), and information back and forth, etc..  After that, the male will experience another round of screening since the girls who still keep theit cards open will decide whether to turn over their cards one more time.  Finally, if some girl(s) leaves the card on for the male, it means the girl(s) want(s) to develop further relationship with the male guest.  The male can decide if he wants to accept the girl or not. Yes, match successfully, perfect! No (or all the cards are turned over), the male can choose if he want t0 bare his heart to his favorite girl (the number in the cell phone). Successful, match successfully, perfect! Fail, the male has to leave. The program will continue to the next male guest.  About 5 male guests will get the chance to stand on the stage for each program.

Why is it interesting?

I used to be a fan of this show and watch it online every weekend.

  • It is interesting to watch the girls give frivolous remarks on the male participants’ physical looks, their past experiences, their incomes and careers, etc..  Some girls have rare eloquence, and they can say easily without thinking hard.
  • I was taught since my childhood that don’t easily show your affection to a opposite gender friend.  So I am very impressed when I hear the girls’ bare remarks and expression of their feelings.
  • No matter how well the male and female try to cover their shortcomings or weaknesses in the program, some of them still expose their true characters very well in the verbal battle. This is interesting too.
  • The program reveals current popular social values; generate discussions on money worship amongChina’s young generation.

The scandal

The program broadcasted on Jun 24 is a special episode celebrating the TV show’s one year anniversary. In this episode, a well-known girl (Fu Wenxiao) who has been sitting in the program for half a year announced that she was married to one of the male guests (Xue Bin).

The news was shocking, out of most audience’s expection.  And then the TV program staff, the hosts, Fu and Xue were “bombarded” by massive online negative comments.

The background and questions are as following:-

The male guest has matched successfully with another girl called Li Rui in another episode two months ago. How come in this episode, Xue Bin got married to Fu Wenxiao, instead of Li Rui? Is Fu the third one who intervened the relationship between Xue and Li?  Broadcasting their marriage news on TV,does the TV show advocates “the third party” or “xiaosan” in Chinese?

Fu Wenxiao sat in the program on Jun 17, just a week ago.  Everyone is clear about the purpose of this program — matchmaking. To sit in the program means both the female guests and the male guests are single and available.  How come Fu Wenxiao sat in the show a week ago, and this week, she came up the stage and show everybody her certificate of marriage?  When did Fu and Xue start their relationship?  Within one week? That seems too rush and almost impossible. If they started their relationship anytime longer than a week, Fu violated the rule of the TV program by sitting in it being one in an engaged relationship at the same time.

The several parties showed up and tried to explain what have happened. But all their explanations seem unconvincing, which cause further online queries.


8 thoughts on “The SBN TV program: One out of 100

  1. Hi I am from indonesian,I very love this show.n – I like Wang hau chiang,but I don,t like Ma lau se because he talk to much
    Xie xie

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