Old songs, old friends

Tonight I downloaded some old songs, including some of Faye Wong’s, like love letter to myself,  woman easy to hurt, etc.

Hearing these old classic songs, my thought went back to those old good days when I was in Beijing.

That’s more than 10 years ago.  Faye Wong’s songs reverberated through high streets and back lanes of Beijing.

Faye’s voice sounded a little bit lazy, a little bit innocent, and a little bit sad, and it’s just right to touched my heartstrings.

In the university, we three girls dwelt at one dormitory. Teachers’ lectures sounded dull. We had our ways to enjoy life though. Very often, we skipped classes to go shopping.  While eating ice creams, we sang Faye’s songs loudly, never worried about singing out of tune.

I had a very good friend.  She was an international student from Korea. We girls liked to hang out together.

I still remembered that we discussed the world economy (our major at school) and shared romance stories alternately in the evenings at a small coffee shop with Faye’s songs in the background.

In those days, we were still young, and we had dreams for the future; we had passion for life, but we also felt confused very often.

I like the old songs. I miss my old friends.


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