Kong Rong shared his pears

(Image is from Internet 孔融让梨)

In ancient China, there was a small kid named Kong Rong. He was rather smart. When Rong was four years old, he could already recite many Chinese poems.  His parents were fond of him very much. But he was well known not only for his intelligence, but also for his love and respect for his brothers.

Rong had five elder brothers and one younger brother.  One day, Rong’s father bought some pears for the kids.  The father handed Rong the biggest pear.   Rong shook his head, and picked up the smallest one.

His father was very surprised, so he asked Rong,” Why did you pick the smallest pear, instead of the biggest one?”

Rong replied, “I am younger than my elder brothers.  So the bigger pears should belong to them.”

His father then asked, “how about your younger brother?  He is younger than you, so he should eat the smallest one.”

“Since I am older than my younger brother, I should take care of him by leaving the bigger and better pear to him.”

His father was very satisfied at Rong’s reply.

This story soon spread quickly around the whole China, and then was handed down from generation to generation. Parents in China today still use this story as a perfect example to teach their young kids to care for others.



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