Notch the boat for the sword

(Image is from Internet. 刻舟求剑)

Long time ago in the state of Chu, a young man was crossing the river in a boat.  He had his sword hanging to his waist.  Accidently, the sword dropped into the water.

“Hurry up! Jump into the water and get your sword.” His fellows said anxiously.

“Don’t be panic.” The young man said leisurely.  He took out a small knife and made a notch on the boat. While doing so, he said confidently,”this is where I dropped my sword. When the boat arrives at the destination, I’ll get down to the water and search for my sword from where I made the notch.”

The boat was moving.  But the sword in the water didn’t move.  Is it weird to search for the sword in this way?  It was no surprise that the young man couldn’t find his sword when the boat finally arrived at its destination.


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