Renew DL

This morning, I got up bright and early in order to renew my driver license.

When I got the DMV, there was a long line in front of the building.  I joined the queue. While listening to music through my MP3, I prepared for a long time waiting.

However, to my pleasant surprise, I didn’t wait very long this time. Within an hour, I got my driver license extended with a temperary DL extension card.

I had an interesting experience during the process whichwas worth being recorded down.

The lady over the counter who was supposed to process my docs seemed quite expressionless. She didn’t respond when I said hello.  After a while, she went to the copy machine to get my docs copied.  While she was doing the copy, one of her co-worker talked to her and handed her a frame.  When she was back, I noticed that it was a photo frame with several kids’ photoes in it.

I mustered up my courage and asked her,”are those family photos?”

She said,”yes. they are my kids.” With an almost inperceptible smile on her face.

I knew she’s happy about this topic.  So I went on to ask her where they took the photos.  She answered it was at Grand Canyon.  And we went on for a small conversation on this topic.

I am glad that I started the small conversation because the topic made the lady smile.  Hope the lady will keep the good spirit and have a good day!


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