The Frog in the Shallow Well

(Image is from Internet 井底之蛙)

There was once a frog who lived in a shallow well. He enjoyed the life there very much.

One day, he met a sea turtle who came from the East Sea.

The frog boasted to the sea turtle, “I live in the most wonderful well.  I enjoy jumping on the railing of the well. When I am tired, I rest in the gap in the well wall.  When I swim, the water will gentle lift up my arm and chin. When I take a stroll in the soft mud, the mud will comfortably hide my feet.  Looking at the worms and crabs around, none of them seems enjoy the happy and free life than I do.”

“The well belongs to me. Standing in the water, I feel extremely happy.” The frog continued proudly, “Sir, why not come and visit me? You will then experience the happiness I am feeling. ”

The sea turtle was amazed at what the frog said, so he went to the well to visit him.  The sea turtle tried to step down into the well. Before the Turtle got his left foot landed at the bottom of the well, his right foot got stuck in the railing of the well.  After several more trials, he pleasantly retreated.

Rather amused at his experience, the sea turtle described to the frog his dwelling place,” I live in the East Sea.  The vastness of the sea is beyond thousands of
miles. The depth of the water is more than tens of thousands measurement. In the period of Yu, there were nine times of floods out of ten years, but this didn’t
even increase one inch of the water’s depth; in the period of Shang, there were seven times of droughts out of eight years, but this didn’t even decrease one
inch of its depth. You know, its depth isn’t affected by the amount of rain. That’s my pleasure to dwell in the vast East Sea.”

On hearing what the sea turtle said, the frog widely opened his eyes, and blushed in the face, he was dumbfounded.


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