Reading is Beneficial

(Image is from internet 开卷有益)

In the Song dynasty, there was a popular book called “the general law of peace”. It’s a thick book with enriched content. The emperor of  Song, Taizong, was very fond of the book.  He determined to finish reading the book within a year.

However, his ministers thought that it would be too tough for the Emperor not only to deal with state affairs but also to read such a thick book.  So they advised Taizong, “Your Majesty, you don’t have to read the book every day.  Please take care of your health.”

Taizong replied, “I like reading books. Reading is always beneficial. It is not boring or tiring at all.”

The Emperor persevered in reading three volumes every day.  Sometimes he was too busy to keep up with the reading schedule, but afterwards he always managed to find time to make it up. The Emperor always told his people around, “as long as you open the book, you will always find something good inside.”

After reading “the general law of peace”, the Emperor benefited a lot from the book. By applying what he learned from the book, Taizong was able to manage his state affairs even better.  The ministers set the Emperor as their example, and they all started reading industriously.


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