Escape like a cicada casting off its skin — Jin Chan Tuo Qiao

(Image is from internet. 金蝉脱壳)

During the three states period, Zhu Ge Liang was deadly sick due to the hardships in battles. He said to his assistant Jiang Wei,”I’ll die. But I have a good idea to let you and the army safely retreat from the attack of the kingdom of Wei.” Soon after Zhu Ge Liang whispered the idea to Jiang Wei, Zhe Ge Liang passed away.  According to Zhu Ge Liang’s injunction, Jiang Wei didn’t announce the news out.

Leading his army, Jiang Wei secretly retreated, but they were closely chased by the army of Wei.  Jiang Wei followed what Zhu Ge Liang had advised him.  He hired a workman to craft out a woodman which looked exactly like Zhu Ge Liang. The woodman was then put steadily in a carriage. After that, Jiang Wei ordered his general Yang Yi to lead the arm and counterattack Wei’s army.  Wei’s army was surprised upon being attacked because Jiang’s army was too weak to take such an action. But when they saw that Zhu Ge Liang was sitting in the carriage, they thought maybe Zhu Ge Liang was still alive and he had thought of a good strategy to win the victory as always. Being stunned by his intelligence and knowledge, they were scared away.  In the end, Jiang Wei safely returned to Han Zhong with his army. When the kingdom of Wei got news that Zhu Ge Liang had been passed away, it was too late to take any action.

This story was passed down from generation to generation. People appraise the retreat of Jiang’s army is as cunning as a cicada casting off its skin.


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