Tiger wife Wendi Deng Murdoch

Recently Wendi Deng Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s 42 years old Chinese born wife, was hot in twitter, facebook, and other websites. The reason is that she  leapt from her seat to fend off a man who tried to hit her husband with a plate of shaving cream, during the U.K. parliamentary committee testimony for the phone hacking scandal.

Although there are a lot of negative rumors about how she became who she is now, when I watched the video of the accident, I am deeply moved. There are two reasons:-

1. For most time of the hearing, Wendi Deng sat behind his husband, appropriately loyal and supportive.  When Murdoch appeared to be very emotional, Wendi would tough his arm gently to remind him to calm down.  She was sending out a message: this man is the center of my world.  I need to take care of him. She gave the impression of both loyal and controlling.

2.  In this article, the author commented that

She hit like a girl: a gloriously feminine slap, straight from the heart. It was real, raw and unscripted. A completely instinctual response born of the impulse to protect her family.

This is why what she did touched my heart.  No matter how eminent this woman’s social position is, when she acts purely as a wife or a mother, she is like a hen to protect their chickens, and the love is naturally out of instinct.  No matter how machiavellian Ms. Murdoch is, as the rumors indicate, I believe at the moment she was authentic and genuine.  Murdoch is a tough guy, but in front of his wife, he’s kind of like a kid.

Writing here, I am astounded at one thought: this moman seizes every opportunity to gain highlight for herself.  In this particular occasion, she was not the central figure; at most she was the supportive wife sitting behind the man.  But she was shrewd enough to utilize this accident as an opportunity and successfully made herself the spotlight.  Not only she was well known by the entire western society, especially by the general public, but also she helped turn around his husband’s inferior position in the phone hacking scandal.  It was said that the news corporation stock was up 10% contributing to Ms. Murdoch’s brave deeds.  Please don’t forget that Wendi Deng currently is aggressively promoting her first movie — Snow flower and the secret fan.  What she need most is spotlight, and now she has it.


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