Drive through

(Image is from internet)

This morning, we had no interest in cooking breakfast.  To be more accurate, we barely had anything to cook.  Like most Fridays, our fridge is almost empty as it is approaching weekends.

Our wishful thinking is like this: drive through to the nearby Dell Taco, order some food, and then finish our breakfast in the car while on the way to school and work.

We heated a bottle of milk for Eric since it is a must for him in the morning.  Eric was more sensible than us adults because he also took a bowl of cereal so he could start eating as soon as he was settled in the car.

At Dell Taco drive through, we ordered Quesadilla and break fiesta. Cheese quesadilla is our all-time favorite Mexican food. The break fiesta includes two small egg cheese burritos and one small pack of potato fries.  Yummy!

However, by the time we got the food, Eric had eaten a lot of cereals and drank almost the entire bottle of milk, so he had little appetite for the Mexican food.  In the end, Richard and I had to eat most of the food.

I was kind of guiltly delighted because I felt very hungry at the sight of the delicious food.  As a result, I ate a lot. By lunch time, I still felt the cheese was piled up in my stomach.  No wonder I gained weight a lot recently.


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